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Community Projects & Donations

The not-for-profit Manitowish Waters Alliance is a philanthropic organization that has been involved in giving back to the area in community projects and improvements since 1972.


  • Camp Jorn Day Camp
  • Camp Jorn Child Care
  • Grow! MW Community Gardens
  • Koller Library
  • Music in the Park
  • MW Bike Trail
  • MW Skiing Skeeters
  • MW Volunteer Fire Department
  • North Lakeland Education Foundation
  • North Lakeland Discovery Center
  • Winman trails
  • Walleyes for tomorrow

Projects and programs:

  • MWA Scholarship Fund
  • MWA’s Mani-Wish
  • Rip-Rap around Island in Manitowish Lake
  • Boat safety mirror on Clear Lake Bridge
  • Stained glass window in the community building

These have been supported by Membership Dues, Donations, Raffles, Brat Stand sales, and neighbors being neighbors throughout Manitowish Waters.

2019 Donations

2018 Donations

Previous Year Donations

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